We are shared hosting company. We offer shared hosting with 1 Gb space, all other unlimited. 1/mo approx. price eur 1.21 Our VPS servers hosted in Lithuania, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia. Possible also to buy in Latvia - eur 30/mo in super datacenter and in USA per low cost. In Germany - 1.21 eur/mo 1 Gb space . To domain buyers - 300 Mb hosting space for free. All prices without daily archives. You need to make archive manually from hosting panel. One click. Than download to Your computer. Write Us through Contact Up page.

Здесь Вы можете купить хостинг и рекламу Вашему сайту . При желании можете даже получить хостинг и трафик на свой сайт бесплатно.

Пришлите заявку в свободной форме на WMID 1 321 3621579 8

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